Notebook DC power jack for HP-Compaq: NX6110


This power jack is applicable to the following laptop model: HP-Compaq: NX6110, NC6110, NX6120, NC6120, NX8200 Series, NC8200 Series HP NC6110 NX6110 NX6100 NC6120 NC8230 Series: NX6100, NX6110, NX6111, NX6112, NX6115, NX6120, NX6125, NX6130 NX8200, NX8220 NC6100, NC6105, NC6110, NC6115, NC6120, NC6140, NC6200 NC8200, NC8210, NC8220, NC8230, NC8240 NW8200, NW8220, NW8230, NW8240, NW8250 Delivery Time:24h Conditie & waarde:Nieuw Garantie:1YCI DC Jack Pin:7 pin

    EAN Code:
  • 8785293105039

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Prijs: € 7.79

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