Golden Aloha - Golden Sunset - Multimedia Keyboard & G-laser Mouse Desktop Set - DE Layout


Kenmerken:Mouse Features:Patented 2X Button - Say Goodbye to double click, directly opens files and programs. Saves time and improves efficiency.Two-Handed Design - The Perfect Shape for Left & Right Handed Users.1000 DPI G-Laser - G-Laser Works on 99% of all Surfaces-Even TRANSPARENT Glass. Safer than Normal Laser Mouse. The Light from G-Laser Mice is Proven to be Harmless to Eyes.Matching Mouse Pad Included - Provides excellence performance for the mouse.Keyboard Features:12 Convenient Hot KeysSoft & Flexible Keys - Provide Accurate Key Strikes Even With Long NailsAudio In/Out Ports - Easy access to your headphone and microphone ports for convenient voice chat, VoIP calling, or listening to your favorite music.High Speed 2.0 USB Port - Perfect for quick connection of flash storage devices, digital camera, your mouse and more!Extended Keyboard Height - Adjustable tilt legs enable a truly personalized experience. Choose the keyboard height that maximizes your comfort and matches your style.Laser Inscribed Keys - Ensures you will never loose key identity

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  • 4711421759410

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Prijs: € 38.95

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